The position of the cue point is different between mac and ipad


I have iCloud enabled.
The cue point set on Mac is set to a different position on iPad.
If you set it again on the iPad, the position on the Mac side will change this time.

djay pro AI 4.0.12 for macOS
djay pro AI 4.0.12 for iOS

Do you use the same songs from the same sources on both devices? Especially when using streaming services, a different audio quality setting can be the reason.

I use iTunes Macth.
Songs synced from Mac using iTunes Match.

Are you using the locally stored audio files on the Mac? If so, what format are they in? If they are MP3 files, they may be matched with iTunes Match via the Store and downloaded to the iPad as AAC files. And then they are no longer the same files, which can lead to the problem you describe.

Oh…I use mp3 file format on Mac.
I want try without iTunes Match in the next few days.

Try deleting a title locally on your Mac and then re-downloading it from Apple. Then see if the cue points on the Mac and iPad match.

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I had the same and other problems with iTunes Match and decided that in the end, the trouble with it is not worth it. Locally synced files are the way to go, even if that is a lot more cumbersome.

But iCloud drive would be ideal for keeping audio files and library database synchronized. I hope they will add that feature at some point.

Assuming the files uploaded to the cloud by iTunes match, I have to re-setting the cue points for a lot of music files.
I try to sync music between my Mac and iPad with a USB-C cable.

I synced music between Mac and iPad with a USB-C cable.
As a result, I confirmed that as expected.
I hope similar results with iTunes Match in the future.

Hi @Akifumi_Konishi,

Thanks for sharing your cue point findings.

As @Chris_R stated previously, could you be using 2 different versions of the same song either with different track metadata from iTunes or the same song just in 2 different formats?

@djjoejoe, have you tested this issue on your own hardware since the latest djay Pro AI update to see if this is still also the case for you?

Looking forward to hearing back from everyone!

I just tried this again. If you use the same tracks on the Mac and the iPad (same files, same file format), the cue points are applied correctly on both devices with iCloud Sync enabled.
If you use one of the streaming services like Tidal, you should also make sure to use the same settings on all devices. For example, if you set the quality to “high” on one device and “hifi” on the other, it won’t match.

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I understand that the problem can be solved by matching the Mac and iPad music files to the icloud music files exactly.

However, I have cue points set on many mp3 files that I have imported from CDs.

I wanted to synchronize with my iPad in that state, so I decided to synchronize with a USB cable without going through iCloud.

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Hi @Chris_R and @Akifumi_Konishi,

Thank you for sharing those updates with us.

We’ll be passing this along to our dev team for further review and establishing whether or not this is truly expected behavior or if we can circumvent these issues.

Thanks again!