The relevance of answers to my question predate 2020...

So as you know, the first thing they say before posting is “check out the forum, see if someone else has asked the same question”… well they have… but in the mean time someone moved all the goal-posts, and skewed the pitch, and redrawn the half way line.

I have been using DeeJay since 2015… it was great, ground breaking, I had a huge CD library on my Mac and loved the capacity to entertain people with the software.

Then iTunes started streaming, so I stopped buying and signed up.

Then Spotify was integrated, and I signed on and signed up… so far so good.

But then the crash, then Spotify was withdrawn, then DeeJay said you need a 2020 Laptop to integrate Tidal… and now I am further away than I was with my physical CDs.

I don’t have the cash for a new laptop just to be DJing in the local pub on a Friday night.

What is the relevance of a question regarding Spotify on this forum if it isn’t even supported anymore?

So if you have followed me this far, can someone tell me the cheapest year/version of a MacBook that I need to purchase to marry up my iTunes, Tidal and DDJ2000 system so that I can at least play requests as and when asked.

Such a great product being diluted and over complicated by built in redundancy.

Thank you one and all.


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i confirm Djay run great with my old macbook pro mid 2015 running Tidal as main track source
i had a ddj200, upgraded to ddj400 and now denon mc4000 and no performance problem reported so far
and it also works great on my old ipad pro :slight_smile: except perhaps some slowdowns if you ever want to use Neural Mix


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I have never used it with a Mac or Windows but it works flawlessly with my iPad 9th Gen 256GB… I have close to 2000 tracks on there and occasionally use Tidal if I’m ever asked for a track tat I don’t already have…

Agreed that Spotify was much better than Tidal though

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I’ve been using djay since 2017. First on an iPad mini then on a 2010 MackBook Pro. Now I have both an iPad Air 4th gen and a MacBook Air M1. Honestly, I prefer using my iPad Air for djay. I’m using it with a Denon Prime 4, Tidal, SoundCloud and Beatport Link and works amazing. I could be wrong, but if you don’t care about NeuralMix, I think you can get away with a lower spec device.

Using the Neural Mix function with my old iPad 5th gen was a bit clunky and you could see the waveforms jitter whenever I would use it, the sound wasn’t affected though…
Upgrading to the 9th Gen sorted that out

FWIW - I’m still using an early 2015 MacBook Air and it runs djay Pro AI great. You can find used ones on Amazon for US$300. I have a new M1, but I figure, might as well DJ with the older computer until it poops out.

i5-5250u mobile processor (5th gen Intel)

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