The Search

I’m working with Djay on an - I know - oldfashioned white MacBook 4,1. After a while djing the search needs up to 45sec to find a tune. Beside that everything is cool with the old lady and Djay works fine.

Can it be the search works like: All tunes with “L” → spinning wheel; “LO” → spinning wheel; “LOV” → spinning wheel; “LOVE” → spinning wheel … ???

Wouldn’t it be more senseful to wait for the “return input”?

This describes my “search” problem rather well.


Users are leaving in droves and the company could care less!

I just read something interesting and quite nerdy about teh search. There is a procedure called Boyer-Moore. It is - as far as I understood right - used in grep (w/out -n). Here is something in german about:

There are code examples. Maybe it is helpful.

Sorry Algoriddim,

But you are about to see me leaving. This support community is ridiculous unless there’s any support. Or at least a note like: We noticed your issue, come back soon - blabla.

I asked a year ago. Nothing. Another issue is two years old. (…) Nothing (except a note almost a year ago).

I have to buy a new Mac anyway and at that time I will switch to other software. It is sad somehow, cause I am fine with many aspects of Djay. But the mentioned issues weren’t fixed. Seemingly no one is at least interested. These issues are unfortunately key features for me. So if these don’t work and no one takes care to fix em - I have to leave.


Bye bye