The sound is bad


I am using djay with my Samsung Galaxy S21 and Tidal mobile and the sound is distorted, especially in the treble, does anyone know what can happen?

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What version of Android is currently running on your S21?

Additionally what streaming quality do you have Tidal set to in the djay settings? Hi-Fi, High or normal?

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I had this problem on an old samsung tablet, using a cable out of the headphone jack.
what I found was that volume normalization plus output limiting were causing djay to exceed the capabilities of the electronics. (you have to teach yourself to use the mixer capabilities of the software differently so that you don’t need to rely on the safeguards of autogain, auto limit, etc. to prevent distortion from clipping)
my work-around was to buy (well, build) an external DAC with significantly better output and headroom to stream from the mobile device to the sound system.
I’ve made a request of the algoriddim devs to add TidalConnect to djay (Tidal Connect in djay) so that I can stay in native FLAC over the air between my tablet and my DAC streamer box, but I’ve since transitioned from djay on android to djay pro AI on macOS…and all sorts of troubles/issues have gone away, and I’ve gotten the bonus of NeuralMix.

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It is the autogain and audio limiter. Auto gain sets the volume of tracks quite high. The audio limiter is quite effective, but it can make your music sound over compressed. Try turning the audio limiter OFF. Try turning off the auto gain and set the gains manually.

This Is The Way.

and if it’s not loud enough on your current sound system…you need a bigger/better one.

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