There really is a problem in the Sampler Grid...

I’ve been using Djay Pro for a long time and I’ve always used all the extra features it has, like the sampler sequencer, Looper, Ableton Link… In older versions something I always loved was the power of synchronism between the sequencer of the sampler itself, I mean not only the BPM Sync but also the sync between the Grid of the Decks and the Grid of the sequencer… A Deck was playing, with a Perfect track in your Grid, you just had to activate the Sampler’s Rec and it was in perfect sync with the Deck, so that a Beat was created on top. (Perfect timing between bars). That is, the downbeat of the sequencer / metronome entered the exact beginning of the measure / Grid of the Track. I trusted with “eyes closed”. But lately in my hundreds of uses and tests, something has gone wrong, the Sampler Sequencer goes into Sync but in wrong bars and I can’t trust anymore like before. This error occurs when I want to synchronize the sampler with the Decks but does not occur when I use Looper for example. Whenever I start a performance using the Looper everything goes well, but when I’m using only the Decks and the sampler, sometimes it goes wrong and sometimes it goes right. What I felt before is that the sampler sequencer came in like Ableton Link, adjusting to the Grid and now it doesn’t. Any remarks? Did I make myself understood? @Emily

Hi @Fernando_Midi,

I’m sorry to hear of the difficulties you are experiencing and I’ll be happy to help you with this!

Can you confirm if the settings in the following screenshot are enabled on your device?

I’m looking forward to hearing back from you and have a nice day!

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Hello @Jru Thanks for the feedback and your attention. Yes, my settings are exactly like these, I always use it for the type of performance I like to create. I’m an advanced user of the App, very observant, very curious and technical, so we can go to a more advanced level of configuration if you have ok! As I reported earlier, I’ve been using the sampler for a long time and I didn’t have these little problems before. When I start the sampler creations using the metronome as my initial guide and then enter the Decks, everything goes well, in perfect Sync, correct measures, metronome beating in the correct times and everything else… When I start playing with the Deck and I turn on the Rec later, the sequencer enters in the middle of the bar… :thinking: Before it waited for the correct time of the Grid to enter, exactly like the Ableton Link.
In versions before 4, I didn’t even care about it because it was perfect… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Let’s go… Let’s solve this little problem…