There's no audio/sound when recording a mix on Vjay

When I’m recording a mix on vjay on my Iphone the sound doesn’t come up. The video is about 54 minutes long and I have my headphones on when I’m mixing. I can hear the music when I’m mixing but when I go to my recording there is no sound and just video. I tested recording for about 3 minutes and when I went to the recording the first 30-45 seconds record with sound and then the audio stops and it’s only video playing with no music. Anybody else has this issue?

Hi Eflash,

I am sorry to hear that.

Can you send us the exemplary recording and also your vjay version, iOS version and any information on external hardware you are using besides vjay via

If you have any questions or suggestions, or if you would like further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

Hi Lukas,

Actually I figure out the issue. Looks like I had too much memory on my phone which was slowing down the recording process on Vjay once I was done mixing. Also, for a recording that’s so long (30-60 min) it looks like you can not disrupt Vjay once you are done mixing. That means you cannot let the phone on sleep mode, You can’t exit the Vjay app until it’s done, You can’t take a call. You have to babysit the app until it’s done which normally takes about 8-15 minutes. Anyhow that’s how I was able to solve my situation.