Things not fixed in Djay 2 (2.2.1) for Android

Thanks for fixing support native characters in Spotify accounts (after >7 months), but could you please fix:

  1. Support for (own) collaborative Spotify playlists (working with IOS)
  2. Make Browse and load buttons working with Wego3 (working with IOS)
  3. Display of selected FX-functions with Wego3 as with IOS
  4. Make it more easy to move speed back to ±0 (much easier on IOS)

And why does the “music analyze” take so long time in Android (compare for example a Nexus 7 2013 and a iPhone 5s)?

Maybe your Android devs could speak with your IOS devs!

Am I the only one who discovered the above?

And how do you test (if you do) your software before releases?

Any feedback?

What happens?

I think only “1” of above is fixed in 2.2.2!?

Why can’t the Android devs speak to the IOS devs and ask how they solved things?
I have hard to believe that MIDI-mapping could be harder to do in Android for example…

Any progress?

You’re right, Claes, these features aren’t implemented in our Android version, yet. Rest assured though we are aware of this. We’ll keep on improving the software!