Think I might have found a solution to the" OSStatus error 2003334207" notice.

I just downloaded Djay Pro and noticed a large number of songs were giving me an error message and there was no way to tell which songs were playable. I didn’t know what to do and began to regret my $50. I happened to have iTunes open and while toggling between the two I noticed if I played a song on iTunes right before playing on Djay it would work! I had 5 songs that I couldn’t play and just tried out my theory and every single song worked in Djay! Hopefully this is a permanent solution and not just a temporary thing. Hope it helps people out.

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In my case:
If I edit info on an original file that iTunes is grabbing its info from,
by clicking on the song through iTunes, iTunes will update info on that song when you play it.
Since Djay gets its info from iTunes, until you play it in iTunes Djay will refer to a file thats not really there…I Think