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Why do you do this?

My experience, is you do a search, find something relevant, cannot contribute/advance the discussion. Worse though is when it concerns a feature request, you might see many different posts about a feature, non of which you can action. You go to Feature requests, struggle to find it, see there’s barely any upvotes in relation to comments on the subject, seems like there is a disconnect here.

All in all very time wasting and frustrating.

If there is no really good reason to close posts why not keep them open? Is there not a way to flag a post (even when closed) as associated with a feature request?


Thanks for bringing this up! You are so right about this @N_C.
I have the same opinion and experience here.

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Thanks for sharing this @N_C and @DJ_Big_Blender. This is a default setting in Discourse and not something that we implemented intentionally. We are looking to see if this can be adjusted. I’ll let you know what we find out…

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Thanks. Curious whether it can be changed.

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