This track can not be played

cant play track from playlist the app gives a message “This track can not be played”. But I can go to the “Songs” view and select that track and it’ll load fine. I use Syncr to copy music onto my phone from iTunes (along with the playlists). Files are currently locally stored on my phone. When I installed the app it worked fine, not it doesn’t. Android 4.4.4 Nexus 5

Hi John,

Sorry to hear that. Can you please provide a link to the app that you’re using so I can check it out?

Can you play the songs from the playlist with the Play Music app?

Thanks John, we’ll take a look into this.

I use this app to copy the music:…

Another thing I’ve noticed is that it looks like the playlists that are showing in djay are coming from Google Play Music, because I noticed playlists there that I didn’t sync using iSyncr and that are on my Google Play Music.