this track cannot be played because it is not available?

i got some spotify songs i cant play. if i choose them i get the message “this track cannot be played because it is not available”


Same issue for me. On average ~10% of the Spotify songs are affected. As an example 25 out of a 350 songs playlist are greyout and can’t played. Getting the same error message “this track cannot be played because it is not available” .
Both Djay Pro and Djay Pro 2 are affected[tested both on Mac].
Any idea on the issue? Any indication on when it might get fixed?

I think I found the issue. These are songs which are local, they should have been flagged as “Local Files” songs, they are somehow incorrectly flagged as non-local by Spotify. Once I replace these songs by a Spotify Library version - if it exists-, then it works fine.The source of the issue seems to be rooted in Spotify, not DJay.

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thank you for your feedback.

@Markouchio, could you record a video which is pointing out the problem and also the workaround, please send it to
That would help us a lot, also we could use it to tell Spotify about the issue.


im having the same issue but for PC app. i have in the folder about 1675 songs, but it only appear to play like 300. the other 1300+ songs are not available por playing.

but when i drag any of the songs that the app is not reading propertly, it just play it like nothing is happening.