Thoughts/Ideas from a Pro VJ

I’ve been VJing in large venues fof about 2 years now and i was really excited to see an attempt at a real VJing solution for iPad. I like where vjay is going, but i feel like the point of the software may require some better explanation.

This is a Music Video Jockeying Program, not a Video Jockeying program, for vjay to become usable in the VJ realm, some things need to happen:

  1. A Real Looping mode, the whole clip should loop to allow for infinite loops made up of small clips, this is a must.
  2. More Blend Modes, alpha blending makes for muddy video, especially video containing images of people and scenes, vjay needs (at the very least) Additive, Multiply and Subtract(for basic masking)
  3. Color faders should be unlinked from Sound EQ faders
  4. Brightness and Contrast FX channel
  5. Strobe to Black as well as White to create negative space instead of flashing the audience with the brightest colors possible.

These are features no VJing app on the app store has tackled to date (your main competition touchViz has about the exact same feature set) and if you did your app would become a serious tool for visualists. Not to take a crap on your app, i think it has a lot of potential, and you guys design great DJing software, but making these tweaks will make vjay seem much more like a VJ rig and less like a DJ app that also handles video.

Totally agree these Changes are a must if the app is going to be a serious tool for VJaying

All the good points from Brady, please implement the point for the coming update as soon as possible.