ThudRumble JDD Photon Fader MIDI Mapping?

Hardware/controllers used: Photon Fader w/ a single Numark PT01
Version of operating system: iOS (iPad Pro 2017 G1 12.9”)
Version of djay: DJay PRO

Hi. I’m actually surprised that there is only 1 thread that mentions the Photon Fader, so maybe it’s just me.

I can’t seem to get the setup working 100%. I’ve gotten Djay Pro to recognize the PT via DVS, but there is no output through the iPad speakers. The crossfader (and all the buttons) seem to mapped where DJay acknowledges the movements on the controller.

On the mapping scheme, I have the fader and buttons set with the basic target and actions with no advance configuration or midi out.

Halp please?