Tidal after 13th May 2024

I’ve just seen you Facebook post from today “encouraging current tidal users to switch to the tidal individual plan with DJ Extension before May 13, 2024”

What’s happening after 13th May 2024?


I agree, I’m also keen to understand the relevance of the date. Is it a free trial……

I think I once read that users who have accessed the catalog via DJ software in the past can continue to do so for a limited time before this option is deactivated. I think that May 13 will be the cut-off date.

Hi @Leigh_Brown, this is the cut off date for your regular TIDAL subscription to continue working with DJ software. After this date you will need the additional DJ Extension subscription. Thanks!

Thanks Slak, I was wondering what that meant,
I thought it meant you will need the dj extension to be able to use Stems,
I will be cancelling my Tidal and moving over to Apple Music…

Just a quick question, is the best way to use Apple Music with Djay is by using a different Apple ID for that so that it doesn’t conflict with my current own music?

You’re welcome. Yes, if you want to keep your local music separated from Apple Music streaming the second Apple ID seems to be the way to go.


Thanks Slak much appreciated

You’re welcome @maurizio_T

@maurizio_T that method @Slak_Jaw mentioned with creating a diff i.d. for streaming apple music works perfect.

Everything stays organized nicely.

I deleted my tidal account.

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Thanks G,
I just activated Apple Music and signed in with a different Apple id.
Works perfectly.


Hi everyone, Here’s the official statement from our Support Team:

It is important to note that as of April 10th, 2024, TIDAL has updated its subscription tier for DJ apps.
This additionally means that Tidal will end the grace period for djay users who have not added the required DJ Extension to their Tidal Subscriptions on May 13th.

To continue using TIDAL – and to gain full access to Neural Mix and lossless sound with the streaming service – please switch to the TIDAL Individual plan with DJ Extension before May 13th, 2024.


I dumped Tidal due to the increase in cost - my DJing income doesn’t yet justify the extra expense. I switched to a combination of Apple Music, and my own collection in Airsonic (Djay doesn’t yet support Airsonic, but I can download zips of any playlist in my collection)

I see no need to have a separate Apple Music ID - I listen to a lot of the same stuff I DJ, but My music tastes are very broad - from Early Classical to Techno. Apple Music has provided one thing that I wanted from Tidal and Spotify (Spotify had it, but then removed it): NESTING FOLDERS for Playlists. I have all of my playlists organized into nesting folders several layers deep. This makes it easy to navigate my whole collection. It is easy enough to separate music for different purposes.

The one Apple Music feature I will never use is the ability to add music from my collection to Apple Music collections. This is one area where Apple Music fails - your carefully collated set of bootlegs and rare tracks will have titles and artists overwritten by Apple based on what it thinks it is. Phil from Digital DJ Tips even wrote a rant about this.

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I did the same with tidal…
Although your last point is why I decided to have a separate apple id.
I have so many re edits of my music that I would die if Apple removed them for their versions

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On this note. I’m enjoying Tidal as it means I don’t really need Beatport, Beatsource or SoundCloud now (apart from uploading mixes). All in one shop with high quality streaming which is really important for stem splits. Plus it’s really good for transferring playlists from
Beatport etc, better than Apple Music, for me anyways. £19 is ok in my eyes. Maybe offline will come further down the track.

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So far, everything has been running as before. Maybe everything will stay that way until the next billing period.

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