Tidal and Soundcloud Integrations are not good as Spotify's

There are 3 days that I m using a trial for Tidal and SoundCloud. Both of them have problems in matching songs section.Tidal often cannot find a match. Even playlists are very very poor and the searchbar cannot find easily what I m searching. For example if you search “mueve la colita” song, in Tidal you have to type the correct name … in Spotify you can just type “colita” and soon it appears the most famous song.SoundCloud finds a lot of remixes and it s difficult to find the original songs especially in the playlists.Last but not least … both of the alternatives cannot show BPM of the songs while Spotify can do it. So only with Spotify I can choose the right matched song with same BPM

One more thing:  The “DJ genres” category in spotify was so great.  It seems that the soundcloud API sadly simply doesn’t over this. But would be a nice feature request (From DJay to soundcloud API devs).

I like this hack to analyze playlists. I reduced the automix duration to 0 seconds, so each track plays only the minimum which is 20 sec. Wondering if you could reduce that minimum to 1 or 5 seconds (not sure how long it takes to analyze each track), but that could improve overall speed for this.

Still it was so nice that spotify had this info even for searching new tracks.

Having visible BPMs is very useful for DJing and being as SoundCloud seems to be aimed at DJs, it’s weird that it doesn’t support showing BPMs.

Not an issue with djay, but whilst Spotify BPMs are visible within the djay app UI, the BPMs are not visible within Spotify. Not that I can see anyway.

Thanks for your feedback about TIDAL and SoundCloud. We are listening and your feedback is important! 

Regarding BPMs, our team is looking into what can be done here on the streaming service side. Basically, the streaming service needs to provide this information for it to show in djay. Initially, we did not have this in Spotify either and it’s a feature that was introduced later on. 

For SoundCloud, the best workaround right now for bpm/key display would be to use the analyze songs feature. 

For TIDAL, in case it might help, one user shared the following tip: “a quick way to analyze all the tracks is to use the ‘Automix’ feature and set the maximum track play time as low as it’ll go, then just set it off. Not perfect but should do the trick.”

spotify will be sorely missed

how can I analyse tracks from iOS?

:mega: Just wanted to share that the ability to pre-analyze entire playlists in the TIDAL library (analyzes BPM, key, beat grid, and waveforms) has been added in the latest versions of djay Pro AI for iOS (version 3.6.7), djay Pro AI for Mac (version 3.0.9), and djay Pro for Windows (version 1.0.27707.0).

Thanks to all of you for sharing your feedback and for your patience. Happy mixing. :headphones: