TIDAL and the search function

There are also many curated playlists in TIDAL, but also quite a few that have been compiled by users. But especially these are difficult or impossible to find via the integrated search. So it is often a gamble and determined by chance to find an interesting playlist.
Does anyone know a way to better search and find the playlists offered there, perhaps via an external tool or a website?

So far haven’t found decent place either as by design tidal playlists are private and you need to share the link somewhere else.

For example some people are sharing in https://www.reddit.com/r/TidalPlaylists/, but it’s a mess :rofl:

Short update: Something seems to be happening. The beta version of Tidal now allows you to mark your playlists as “public”. Then these are also displayed in the search results. Hopefully, this feature will be made available to all Tidal users in the near future.
Right now the beta is only available for iOS, but if you’re in the Apple universe, a TIDAL user, and interested in this and other new features, check it out: https://tidal.com/early-access