Tidal beat grid problem

A lot of the Tidal song are not beat gridding right they are missing the first beat of the song. Even if I move the grid manually it won’t let me cause it’s the song missing a piece of the first beat. In Spotify I try the same song and it gets the grid right. Hopefully you guys could fix this problem.Tidal on top Spotify on bottom

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Could you please let me know the specific title and artist for this track so we can investigate this with the same track? 

Thanks, this is very helpful. It looks there is a tiny bit missing when using the “Normal quality” setting. Could you please try setting the “high” quality setting in djay > Preferences > Library and let me know if the same symptoms at the beginning happen? 

I have the same problem. Take the song con carma by daddy yankee. The normal version have the first beat but the version feat katy Perry is missing the first beat. This is, however, just the case in Djay. If you use Tidal by it Self , both tracks have the first beat. I hope this information is useful.

Thanks. Looks like this actually fixed the problem. What will going from normal to high setting mean in terms of needed wi-fi speed and kbps?
Thanks again

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There’s a lot of songs in tidal that the first beat is cut short