Tidal failing to play

So I have been using djay pro for a long time now, an when they went from djay 1 an 2 to only 1 platform, an now that it’s tidal an not Spotify, after like 3 or 4 min of playing off tidal, I’ll get this message saying I don’t have streaming privileges for the next 3 min, really ruins my flow on the show

Hi @stx_god,

Sorry to hear about the issue you’ve encountered with TIDAL in djay. So we can take a closer look, could you please tell us the following:

  1. What device are you currently using?
  2. Which OS version is running on your device?
  3. Which djay version are you using?
  4. Is this a new problem that just started happening recently? If so, did you do any recent updates on your device?
  5. When you get this message in djay, are you able to at the same time play from the TIDAL app itself without a problem?

Thanks in advance for the additional information.