Tidal - free upgrade.

Evening all,

I have just received an email from Tidal upgrading my account to the Hi-Fi tier for free!

They’re falling in line with Apple and Amazon et-al and giving us the higher tier for the same price.

They will still have a £19.99 tier called HI-Fi plus but you may not need it, check the website to see if it’s for you. You might be able to downgrade and save a tenner a month.

For the rest of us, it happens automatically but don’t forget to go into your Djay settings and change your Tidal streaming options if you want to use the higher quality files in the app.



Yes, just received the email this morning as well,Curious to see if l will be able to tell the difference…

I haven’t received an email yet, but I can already see the changes in my account. Good news! :slight_smile:

Just be aware that your saved cue points and loops may shift if you change your audio quality settings.

It also appears to take a lifetime to Analyse a new track with that HiFi setting.

Not surprising. I’ll be keeping my djay quality settings on Normal so the tracks load fast and I don’t need to fix 100s of beatgrids and hot cues.

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Only thing I’m concerned is how this is affecting to DjPro and Tidal integration.
What will happen in the future ?

Will the “Normal” setting be removed also from the Tidal API to download “Normal” version of the track to local machine?

What if an artist doesn’t upload “Normal” quality file to Tidal servers? Will it be “normalized” by Tidal?

Will Tidal remove all “normal” quality track from servers in what time frame as storing files to cloud costs money?

It does take longer to analyse but as it’s a ‘one time’ process I can live with it.
Unlike @Slak_Jaw I don’t have 100s of tracks as I keep most of it local and only drop in on the odd occasion when I don’t have a particular track so it’s less of a bother for me, but can appreciate how it would p!ss many people off!
On the dropping the ‘normal’ versions, I don’t think they could do this because whilst a small minority of Tidal’s user will use it alongside Djay, the masses only use it for daily streaming. With a lot of people being on a data plan with a set amount each month I don’t think Tidal could force people to increase their data usage just to stream on their daily commute etc. And as the other providers have a streaming setting option (which Tidal does) I think that will stay in place.
Just my random ramblings anyway! :grin:

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That’s more or less how l use it as well,mainly for the odd request that l don’t have in my library