TIDAL HIFI Audio Quality + BeatGrid Accuracy ?

A few weeks/months back I posted about issues I was having going from the TIDAL (Recommended) Quality and the TIDAL HIFI setting… when I would select the TIDAL (Recommended) setting… all beatgrids would look normal and beats and bars would be properly analysed and displayed… of course the odd few would always need adjusting… but when I set the software at the desired TIDAL HIFI setting for the highest audio file quality possible the beatgrid would always display a little different with the beat bars displays off the actual beat. THIS SEEMS TO BE RESOLVED… well for my case that is… I have been using the TIDAL HIFI setting now for weeks and months and it’s consistently very accurate… except for the odd few tracks that need BeatGrid editing… which was the same with Spotify before.

Can anyone official from Alogriddim confirm a fix for this issue has been applied in a recent update… ??? And will there ever be a situation where beatgrid analysis will be 99.999999% accurate…?


Hi Anthony,

Thank you for getting in touch. We are sorry to hear about the issue you are facing and want to assure you that we are checking in on the problem. There seems to be a Beatgrid issue as high quality tracks are “slightly” different from the continuous signal and therefore are not treated as exactly the same track. We are checking into that.

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Hi Lukas and thank you so so much for this reply and update… but what I was trying to explain in my post is that the issues seems to be resolved as far as I can see… except for a few off tracks from time to time… for me… I have the HIFI Audio Quality on all the time now… non stop and it’s now behaving as accurately as it did for the Normal (Recommended) option… so something must have changed somewhere along the line… but if you guys are still reviewing and investigating the issue… it sounds like when an official fix comes it might be even more accurate when analysing tracks at the higher HIFI setting.

Really loving the new Djay Pro 3.0… the absolute best version ever!!! ever!!! :slight_smile:

Thanks for keeping me updated.

Best regards,

Hi Anthony

This may not be relevant but let me ad my 2 cents lol

I use my MP3 collection within DJay Pro AI, which I use through iTunes on an iPad.

I recently enabled USB file access on my iPad, and experimented with using some of the same tracks that I usually read from iTunes playlists off of a thumb drive. When these same tracks were analysed off the thumb drive most of the beat grid markers were way off the beats, in fact nearly all were off.

So I then removed the tracks from iTunes and used them solely off the USB thumb drive and the beatgrids worked fine again.

My question to you is, did you have the Tidal tracks Recommended versions downloaded to your device concurrent to the Tidal HiFi versions? I think if one version of a track has already been analysed and you add another version of the track with the same filename to your device, somehow the beatgrids are off.

It’s almost as if DJay uses some analysis file and applies what it already analysed, but to a different version of the same file, thereby throwing the grids off.

So then once you deleted the Tidal Recommend versions of the files and just had the Hifi versions on your device, those Hifi versions analysed correctly?

Maybe this will help in your search for an answer!

YouTube: “Luke Dsound”

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