TIDAL Integration with djay Pro!

TIDAL’s sound quality is far superior to that of Spotify & iTunes… I’ve used all 3, but now I only use TIDAL. If djay Pro for Mac had TIDAL integration, I’d buy it today!

So, how about adding TIDAL integration for djay Pro?!

Waiting for Tidal Integration, I love the new interface of Djay Pro 2,

I enjoy using with Midi Interface, so much fun, but with sound quality there will be no match to other DJ Software.

PS I had been using Traktor since 2000s

same here, no tidal no upgrade

I agree with James on Tidal integration. But what about flac integration? Are you going to support flac format? When?

Hi James Francis,

at the moment we are not supporting Tidal and we generally don’t talk about our future plans.

Regarding the streaming quality, have you tried to change the Spotify streaming quality in the djay settings?
You can do so via Preferences > Media Library > Spotify Quality.

Cheers,Lukas E.

Hi James Francis,

thank you for your follow up, I see your problem and understand why you would appreciate Tidal as streaming option.

I want to thank you for pointing out your issue and we will let you know if there is news regarding Tidal or a 320kbps+ Spotify setting.

Cheers,Lukas E.

Thank you for sharing your feedback.

Your posts are forwarded internally and added to our user request list.

Lukas E.

You should check out the development of Serato DJ - I saw a Beta version of Serato DJ Pro that has already Tidal integration.

Thanks for the reply Lukas.

The best streaming quality that Spotify offers is 320 kbps lossy mp3s, whereas TIDAL offers 1411 kbps lossless FLAC.

Basically TIDAL delivers 4 times more data per song than Spotify, which means crisper highs, fuller lows, clearer notes, and a vastly superior dynamic range.

These days, I can typically tell right away whether I’m listening to an mp3 or a lossless file… mp3s lack “life.”

Lossy files may be fine in circumstances where you have limited hard drive space or bandwidth, but you lose sound quality with lossy files.

You don’t lose sound quality with lossless files, and whether I’m working to get people on the dance floor, or just entertaining myself, I want high fidelity.

High fidelity is music to my ears… whereas mp3s more resemble nails on a chalk board.

Thanks for the tip Thomas! Very much appreciated!

It inspired a fair amount of research, and I just purchased a Roland DJ-808 DJ Controller, which has “the deepest Serato DJ Pro integration available.”

I am now anxiously awaiting its arrival and can’t wait to jam out with it using TIDAL!

Thanks again!

Now I that I have listened to Tidal, I never like to hear spotify again. Good interface Spotify has (Apple has become a mesh), Spotify has a big collection too, but Tidal brings back what quality should sound like (like in the time sof the CD and record). Neil Young was so right iTunes quality is ruining the music quality artist put into! Lets hope Tidal will be available on DJ Pro soon, especially when you appreciate sound quality. Once you here what Tidal brings… you cannot go back.

Tidal videos on Djay pro are very low quality. Videos look like when you download them from YouTube. Low resolution …

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Any news about Tidal integration?

When is Tidal coming to DJ?

Come on Algoriddim!

Your getting left behind…

Tidal is far superior to Spotify and the same price per month! I already have Serato, I prefer DJ Pro for layout and readability but will defo make the switch permanently if Tidal integration is not forthcoming


i also would like to request for tidal support only because spotify terms and conditions doesn’t allow streaming service for paid gigs. it’s only allowed for personal and non-commercial

When it comes to Tidal to Djay Pro, there is a good news that Djay is integrated with Tidal. But before the integration, I used a third-party tool to help me. It is Tidal Music Converter, which is able to convert Tidal to common audio files so that you could use them on other devices. And it can keep the original audio quality of Tidal with ID3 tags kept.

Thanks for the sharing! Here I’d like to share a tip with you too. If you want to use Tidal on Djay Pro offline and with the high quality, then you should give a try to Tidal Converter program.  It can convert music from Tidal to other audio formats with original kept and then you can transfer them to Djay Pro for listening offline.

As djay Pro doesn’t support Tidal now, you are able to use Tidal music in djay Pro. How to fix this issue? You just need to download and convert Tidal music to djay Pro supported audio formats. For example, with the help of TunesKit, you are able to download and convert Tidal music to MP3, then you could mix Tidal music with djay Pro without limitation.