Do you have any plans for integrating Tidal? This would be the perfect marriage for Great HiFi Quality Music with a High-Quality DJ Product!

Keep your eyes peeled. About to drop the update - announced about an hour ago.

Good to connect Tidal to the DJ product. I have tried that. I like to add the music from Tidal to the DJ tools. The subscription of Tidal helps me get the downloads and for uploading the songs, I get the Tidal Playlist Downloader. Everything goes well and I gain what I want on DJ. Thankful.

Tidal offers its service to a few DJ software but you cannot use Tidal music on most DJ software. If you want to mix Tidal with DJ software such as rekordbox, you may need to remove DRM from Tidal music and convert Tidal music to MP3 using a Tidal Music Converter. Then you can apply Tidal music to DJ software without limitation.