Tidal Live Sessions … possible to do from Djay?

Wondering if this is possible (and i missed it) or if it might become possible with a future update. Seems like a no brainer. Listening to someone’s playlist is all well and good but listening to someone mix is sort of the point right?

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At the moment, that’s not possible, but I’ve had that thought too. One problem with public streams is always the question of copyrights. But I also think that the “live feature” of Tidal is a step that could go in this direction.

Figured. I do hope it’s possible in the future.

I just submitted a feature request to Tidal.

Hi @agershon,

Thanks for sharing your feature request with us!

I’ve gone ahead and moved this post to our “Suggestions” category in which other users can vote on this matter.

We’ll also be letting our dev team know about this feature request for future consideration.

Have a nice day!

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