Tidal "no valid session" error

Hi all, has anyone else gotten a “user does not have a valid session” error when trying to bring a Tidal playlist into Djay Pro? I’m using the latest versions of each. It seemed to be working fine the first time I imported a Tidal playlist, but when I quit Djay Pro and restarted it won’t access Tidal and I’m getting the error. I’ve restarted and logged out/in of both programs and no luck. Any thoughts?


“top menu bar” sounds like it refers to the Mac version of Djay Pro - where do you logout/login on the iPad version of Djay Pro?

Hi, We are sorry to hear that. Have you tried logging out of Tidal via the Library Settings? Is the error persistent? Cheers Lukas

Hi, Thank you for getting in touch. We are aware of the issue and in contact about how to solve this. Please share your djay version, iOS version and also your network connection.

Thanks for staying in touch with us. This seems to only be happening to some people on Mac.

We are in touch with TIDAL about this problem when logging in. We need some further information. Could you please go to:


and tell us your TIDAL username? You may have to log-in in your Browser.

We’ll send this information to TIDAL so they can further investigate this issue.

Thanks in advance for your collaboration.

Thank you for sharing your usernames. We are in contact with Tidal about the issue. Cheers Lukas E.

For days I have tried to access my TIDAL account with my user email in DjayPro version 2.1.3 from my macBookPro 2009 OSX 10.11.6 and it throws an error "Your OAuth2 client configuration is not correct. Please check with TIDAL Partner Support . "

Re. and tell us your TIDAL username? cdmlfg@gmail.com

Hey there. If you’re using djay for iOS, you’ll need to go into the Settings in the djay app (tap on the gear icon), then tap Library, then under TIDAL tap Log Out of TIDAL. After this, please log in to TIDAL again in djay by going to the TIDAL section in the music library. Please let us know if the issue persists after trying this out!

Yeah that worked, thanks Lucas! Sorry for the newbie question…

Under the “Library” menu in the top menu bar, you’ll see the “Log out of Tidal” or the other services you’ve connected to.

Same problem here! How to you log out of library settings?

I have this problem, ipad 7th generation IOS 13.4, Djay version 3.3.5

I can’t see the library settings or how to log out.

Please help, pictures would be most helpful if possible.



What software/device are you using to run Djay?

I’m using an ipad on the latest ios 13.4 and I can’t see the option to log out of tidal

I need help. I get the same error.

Tidal U/N: mcole@marloncole.me

"Your OAuth2 client configuration is not correct."

I have the same issue.

Hi, I have the same issue:

Tidal username: benarsh.laly@gmail.com

I also have the same issue, username is craigmhicks@outlook.com
not good enough after spending £48 to upgrade to dj pro 2

Same issue. Djay pro 2 on Mbpro.
Mobile hotspot.
Spotify working charmfully tho

Oh snap, top menu bar… I waas going onto the preferences library ecc ecc.