Tidal offline locker

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Virtual DJ Works with an Offline solution for TIDAL. This is really important for mobile DJs wirking sometimes without signal available. Hope you will find something for us :crossed_fingers:t3:

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My guess is they are saving it for when Apple Music announces streaming Stems. I have a feeling it will be cheaper than Tidal, so the only thing at that point keeping people on the Tidal DJ add-on would be their lossless audio, so then they will add their offline locker at no extra charge, which they hope will keep DJs on their app a little longer before Apple adds an offline locker as well. My guess is these terms are all in private contracts with Djay and have been since tidal pulled stems.

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This would make Tidal the number one streaming platform. I would love for this to happen.

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TIDAL… or / and Apple Music :grinning:

It would be handy to know if support for offline locker was in the roadmap (for either Tidal or Apple Music).


This needs to happen. It works offline with virtual DJ and Serato

This needs to happen. It works offline with virtual DJ and Serato.

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Hello guys, is there any news for the offline locker in Tidal? Those Phase mess up my hot-spot WiFi used for streaming tracks and the only solution i’m figuring out is to work offline, please let us know if there’s anything coming so that i can buy an iPad with more storage. Thank you :pray:t3:


Hi @djrosmak, we don’t have any news to share regarding a TIDAL offline mode/locker.

Thinking of switching to another option unless offline mode can be provided for Tidal.
Any roadmap for this, please?

Subject: Request for Offline Locker Feature in Djay App

Dear [App Support/Development Team],

I hope this message finds you well. I recently encountered a challenging situation during a live gig where the internet connection was lost. This incident highlighted the absence of an offline locker feature in the Djay app, which prevented me from mixing tracks directly from Tidal.

As a professional DJ, reliable access to my playlists and the ability to perform without an internet connection is paramount. An offline locker serves as an essential backup system, ensuring uninterrupted performances regardless of connectivity issues.

While the Djay app offers commendable features, the lack of an offline mixing option is a significant drawback. This limitation is a primary reason why many professional DJs, including myself, consider alternatives like Rekordbox or Serato, which provide robust offline capabilities.

The introduction of an offline locker to Djay would be a game-changer, potentially influencing the preferences of many professionals in the industry. If there are no plans to implement this feature in the near future, I may have to reconsider my subscription to Djay.

I appreciate your attention to this matter and look forward to any updates you can provide.

Warm regards, Illya

Hi @illya_kroon, please use search before creating new topics. I’ve merged yours with this existing one.

Note that the offline locker capability with DJ software needs to be enabled by the streaming service provided before it can be enabled in djay. Currently, Beatport LINK Pro and Beatsource LINK Pro subscriptions allow for offline lockers in djay.

You can cast your vote for a TIDAL offline locker at the top left of this page, but I recommend that you also reach out to TIDAL Customer Service and let them know as well. Thanks!