Tidal offline on iPad

I know this question is asked many times before, but last time 1,5 year ago and things might have changed.

I’m using djay Pro with Tidal Premium, Pioneer DDJ400 on an iPad Pro 12,9, all enclosed in a neat case with 4G router and stuff. Also Soundiiz to be able to have request list on Spotify. Works so great and I’m learning new stuff every time. Next gig is on a cruise ship at sea - no internet.

Is there nowadays a way to cache tidal playlists on device? I know it doesn’t integrate with tidal app because of apple sandboxing, but that is not what I ask for (I don’t even know if I have the tidal app installed). Caching playlists inside djay is my question. How does the caching work?

Thanks for a terrific app!

As before, there is no way to use Tidal offline in conjunction with DJay Pro.

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Your best bet if you need offline storage of streaming tracks is to use Beatport or Beatsource LINK Professional.

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If I were a record label owner , I might not even allow my songs to be stored offline.

  1. How would I know how many times it’s has been played ?
    I.e. as the artists will get royalties based on how many times it’s been played : it would be really hard to implement functionality to count that for off-line songs.

  2. Or I might not allow my songs to be possible to play by 3rd party apps, when stored off-line to devices. Only be playable by Tidal apps only.

And yeah… If I get better royalties from Beatsource/Beatport, why would I allow Tidal use same tracks for off-line storage “free and cheap” :wink:

If I were the owner of a record label, I would be happy if my songs were played.

Hi @Alpackan,

Thanks for posting to the community for the first time!

As @Chris_R and @Slak_Jaw stated, there is no way to save, store or cache media/library data from Tidal in djay while offline.

We understand that this may be an inconvenience and are looking into creating a workaround of some kind in the future.

Have a nice day!

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