TIDAL playlist batch analysis inaccurate?

So I’ve been using Djay Pro AI (v.3.0.9) for a few days on my MacBook Pro now.
I’ve noticed a couple of things:-

The TIDAL playlist batch analysis does not seem so accurate. Many songs are being assessed at BPM’s like 120.3 and 124.7 etc.
In the playlist information it will show the correct BPM but as soon as you load the track the tempo is out (even though the fader is centred). This makes the grid markers out until you ‘correct’ the tempo.
It feels like the batch analysis is being rushed at the cost of accuracy a bit (as the playlists are analysed super fast, I must say).
Loading the track directly into a deck for analysis seems to be accurate (as it was in previous versions of the software).

The zoom on the waveform does not seem as good as in Djay Pro (I was on v.2.8.8 before moving to AI). It feels like it should zoom in a few clicks more for a finer adjustment of the grid.

Or is it just me? :rofl:

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