Tidal playlists show music files greyed out when tracks exist on hard drive when WiFi down

To be prepared for WiFi problems, I want to useTidal playlists with music files stored on my Mac drive.

Some tracks show up fine and use the hard drive file when WiFi is down.

But many other music tracks / files on my hard drive are greyed out on the Tidal playlist. They can not be played because the ‘not available’ error is displayed when trying to play them (by moving to a deck).

It seems Djay Pro AI does not see the file is available on the hard drive. Is there a way to link it? I thought the ‘Relink missing files’ might do that but it doesn’t seem to work.

From my understanding a Tidal playlist can only contain Tidal songs and Tidal songs can not be downloaded from Djay (only streamed).

To make your scenario full functional you would have to purchase/download the songs in your Tidal playlist first from Beatport or Apple Music/ iTunes Store (or somewhere else).

To convert a Tidal playlist to something else you could use a service like tunemymusic. Not sure if its this what you are looking for but anything else would be new to me.

Thanks you for replying but this isn’t what I was trying to explain @Aquadics. I can import Tidal playlist into Djay (via playlists function in Djay). But the tracks won’t match with tracks on my hard drive (that feature many songs that are on various Tidal playlist).

I.E. A track called Help by The Beatles is on Tidal playlist. When imported into Djay playlists, this track - on a playlist - won’t match with the hard drive version that I already downloaded / purchased.

Is that clear now?

My main reason for doing this is if WiFi isn’t available, it would be useful if the playlist could reference the equivalent hard drive track (because streaming will have stopped working).


So for same song, djPro should figure out that actually you have for same song 2 different sources…

Hmm… interesting and good idea…

What if that your local mp3 is 1-3s longer than Tidal one, it would need to be very clever algorithm to figure out that they are actually the same song.

So djPro needs to support https://musicbrainz.org/ or some similar services to compare the songs:
Recording “Help!” by The Beatles - Fingerprints - MusicBrainz

So eventually Tidal should provide fingerprinting or additional extra data for the song or djPro should be able to calculate the fingerprinting and compare that fingerprinting to your mp3…

It can be done, but yeah good amount of developers and time to do it…

For example… tags might not be enough
as your mp3 might be tagged

  • artist : Beatles or The Beatles … there is a difference
  • song : Help or Help!, different thing!!!

Ok, thanks for further explanation. Now I got it.

I don’t think that this will be ever possible with Djay. If you are using a Mac I would try to convert my Tidal Playlists into Apple Music (e.g. with TuneMyMusic)
In this case and if the Apple Music app is clever it should result in a playlist which is referring to the tracks in your Apple Music Library and hopefully tracks you can or have already downloaded. In my case if I dont use streaming to DJ (Tidal) I use songs I mainly try to purchase on Apple Music.

Maybe this helps. :slight_smile:

@markc I think the easiest way to achieve what you’re after right now it to switch from Tidal to Beatport Link or Beatsource Link Professional. Both of these services offer offline lockers that work with djay for times when your Wifi is iffy. I made the switch from Tidal to Beatport for this reason.

Unfortunately it’s 3x the cost of Tidal and since the djay 4.0 update there are some major bugs with the integration. Hopefully Algoriddim has a fix for these this week though.

… not that its only 3x the cost of Tidal the quality you get is super bad compared to Tidal. :frowning:

I’ve noticed no obvious difference in the real-world sound quality when playing gigs with either service.

@Slak_Jaw Are you using the Advanced or the Professional subscription.
When I had a payed Beatport subscription I switch between 128 Kbps and 256 Kbps and there was not really a notable change so I assume its only to know about it and that it sticks in my head. For Tidal I am mainly using High but not HiFi or Master event that it is included in my subscription.

Beatport should reconsider the features included in the subscription or the pricing since it looks far to high compared with Tidal.

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@Aquadics I have a Beatport Link Professional subscription so 256 kbps AAC. There are no options in djay or the Beatport Link app to reduce the quality to 128 kbps so I have no way of comparing them myself.

Clearly Tidal HiFi (1411 kbps) and HiFi Plus (9216 kbps) have the higher specs. When I had a Tidal sub I used High (320 kbps AAC) or Normal (??? kbps) depending on how good/reliable the Wifi was at the venue. To my ears, there was no obvious quality difference when I switched to BP Link. At least on the venue systems I played on. Granted, when not streaming, I typically use 320 kbps MP3 or 256 kbps AAC files and not FLAC or other lossless formats so maybe I’m not the best judge here.

I do agree that Beatport needs to lower the price on the Pro sub or offer a $20 version with a smaller offline locker. I mean, I love the offline locker, but 3x the cost of everyone else is crazy if you’re not doing regular paid gigs.

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Hi @markc,

Thanks for reaching out about this. And thanks to the other Community members on this thread for chiming in. To give a little more detail about how djay currently determines if a locally stored track is the same as the one you’re using in your chosen streaming service (in this case TIDAL), djay will look at the track title, artist, and duration of the tracks. If any of these elements are different, djay will treat them as different tracks. This is why you’re finding some of the songs to be greyed out while others do show as playable from your hard drive.

I hope this information is helpful to assist in a workaround for you, or at least to understand why this is happening. That said, I’ll pass along your suggestions/feedback to our Development Team for future improvements to djay.

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