Tidal playlists

When I delete playlists in DJ Pro, those playlists are also deleted in Tidal. I’m hoping there is a fix for this because I listen to FAR MORE genres of music than I DJ with. For example, if I delete a playlist of Beethoven Symphonies in DJ Pro, that playlist will be deleted from Tidal.

Hi @Ashanti_Dykes, this is expected behaviour when using the Tidal Source within djay. If you would like to create Tidal playlists that are independent of the playlists in your Tidal account, I recommend that you create them within the My Collection source of djay rather than within the Tidal source.


That is not quite my issue. I think it would be helpful if Djay would allow
users to select or import Tidal playlists in the Tidal window, instead of
showing all playlists in Tidal. For example, I don’t want to scroll
through extensive jazz, classical, and world music playlists if I’m doing a
hip hop gig.

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Thanks for the additional info @Ashanti_Dykes. Can you please clarify your suggestion further with some screenshots? I want to make sure I communicate this accurately to the dev team. Thanks!