Tidal songs not playable...

I’ve been doing library maintenance and a good amount of my Tidal tracks aren’t playable.

I locked out from Tidal and re-logged in.

But still… this is strange for me.

I moved my playlists from spotify to tidal quite long time ago:

Then I created a local playlist from Tidal one and now it seems that tracks aren’t available for me:

Anyone ideas how to fix these missing tracks?

What I see is that the tracks are showing up in tidal section, but this is annoying when need to drag and drop again.

So what is correct answer to this question:

It seems that somehow links to tidal are getting broken, but somehow they are still there?

It’s annoying to go through all playlists to figure out what links are broken :frowning:

Only hint is that for some songs the only difference is the length of the track.

Like on my djlibrary Hello Africa is 5:45 and on Tidal is 5:48 when the link is broken…

When I answer yes to the question “add duplicates”, the medialib has also song with length 5:48…

So is this because that the song in Tidal has different length on normal vs high quality?

Nice, so once again, clean the lib and restart analyzing again. Bye bye cue points …

I guess it’s a rights issue. Sometimes a song points to the ‘wrong’ version (e.g one that’s on an album that’s not licensed for your area). You can find the right one by searching manually for it…

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Why would Tidal and djpro use different area? I.e if I import the track from tidal playlist where it’s playable with tidal app, but not in djpro :smiley:

I.e all tracks were playable when I imported them from spotify to tidal.

Only thing might have been changed is when I might have changed the streaming quality.

Ah. Maybe that could be related. Although I’m pretty sure I’ve seen tracks switching back and forth to being playable or not.

Especially more ‘obscure’ tracks (e.g. old R&B and hip hop tracks). Almost as if Tidal sometimes checks the rights after I first played a track…

@dj_romy_fi This happened to me when changing streaming quality settings in Tidal. If the tracks are even slightly different (i.e. length), it gets confused. My solution was to set the quality setting and never change it. I’ve also noticed that changing quality settings can cause very small shifts in the hot cue locations and beat grids.

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One “bug” which could be easily solved.

I assume that each track in Tidal has some kind of “TrackID” to identify each track.
( Dunno if it’s same track id for different quality, most probably it is).

Now if the track name has been changed in Tidal, the track in MediaLibrary will be grayed out.
When drag and dropped again, there will be shown this “Duplicate info” .

Why would they rename songs? Dunno like

  1. Track name (Remastered) changed to Track Name - Remastered or Remastered changed to Remaster
  2. Spelling errors like “Manish Boy” changed to “Maanish Boy”
  3. Missing characters for example “Hey Jude” changed to “Hey, Jude”

I would assume that if in Tidal only Artist Name or Track Name is changed, the those metadata fields should be easy to fetch based on the Tidal “TrackID” and update local medialibrary correctly

I guess it’s a bit more complicated. Sometimes some company has published for example a compilation which is legally allowed in my country, where the original release of track X is somehow blocked for one reason or the other.

That said, when I manually search I can find tracks most of the time. But not always…

This is the “bug” case…
I play the song from my medialibrary
the track title is “Disco Inferno - LP/12 Version”.

That was the track title when I imported the track from Tidal.
As you can see, when the track is played, actually
the track named “Disco Inferno” is “marked as played”
from my original Tidal playlist “70’s 12” Disco" playlist…

So somewhere in the background there needs to be stored the Tidal “track id” which is unique to this track.

Why can’t I fetch / update track info from Tidal :melting_face:

Just to be sure: those are different tracks right? As the name is different?

Edit: anyway, I don’t think this has anything to do with the unplayable Tidal tracks. :sweat_smile: Like I’ve said earlier, I’ve seen tracks change to unplayable. In this case I simply go to Tidal, click on the track name or artist and find a playable version. It’s a Tidal glitch.

They were the same track.
Intially the Track Name was incorrect in Tidal and at some point of time after initial upload the name has been changed in Tidal side :smiley:

But yeah… library management is tough as there seems to be too many different scenarios which causes the track being not playable.

Have you ever tried to re-install or update the Tidal app? Maybe there are some bugs in the application. Or you can try to update and reload your system. Also, there are some songs that have the rights issue. You can search it to see whether there is another version you can play. On a personal note, I usually use AudBite Tidal Music Converter to download Tidal music for offline playback, which can avoid such problems. You can have a try.

I usually fully reboot my mac at least weekly.

Haven’t really figured out where the “Tidal identifier id” is stored. Should be on the medialibrary.
If it’s there and the connection to Tidal exist i.e. same song id is still found from Tidal => the track should not be grayed out (as long as I have rights to play it).

So if the metadata title or artis t name etc has just been corrected, the song should be playbale.
It’s hard to notice if like
"Title (Extended remix) is renamed to “Title - Extended Remix”…
I don’t care as if the track id is the same… it should still be the pointer to the same actual music file.