Tidal taking up too much memory djay pro

Whenever i analyze my play list on Tidal my ipad is saying it’s not enough space. How do I fix this?

Hi there. Can you advise what iPad it is? can you also tell us how big the playlist is

iPad 8th generation. around 500+ But I’m slowly finding some songs on my record pool and I’m deleting the ones I’ve downloaded.

Hi. Why not split the playlist. It will be Easy on your iPad and better for you when performing to find tracks you want.

Ok I’ll try that. Thank You.

Hi @Shawn_Haines,

Glad to see you back in the community!

I wanted to follow-up and see if the suggestions that @Djdash provided were helpful in any capacity?

Many thanks @Djdash for your help as well!

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Yeah It was Helpful. I had a lot more songs than i Thought, But i split some and deleted some.