Tidal tracks don't load properly

I’m running djay 4.1.6 on iPad OS 15.7.2 and about 40% of the time when I load a track from Tidal, it won’t play past about 20-30 seconds

Sometimes loading a new track on the same deck will fix it. Sometimes, the newly loaded track has the exact same issue

Here are some examples

https://photos.app.goo.gl/FMGAXA21wkkEjR3s7 (i accidentally had my speakers muted at the beginning in this video)

This happened last weekend March 2023. Tracks that I bought at Amazon and MP3’s converted from Apple Music, which usually play. On both an IPad Air and New IPad Pro 12 inch. Tracks would stop after about 10 seconds. They were all downloaded. No overheating of iPads. This was outside. Got home, they played fine. I use all MP3’s usually fine. Had to use backup CDs.

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@TheRumbler what audio quality settings are you using for Tidal? I’ve had issues in the last past when using the high quality settings. Try switching to a lower quality in djay settings under Tidal.

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good tip! i was on HiFi mode.

will try using High instead.

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This is happening to me as well and I’ve filed a bug report on it (ticket #176648).
I had suspected network/IP issues tied to my annual djay subscription auto-renew failure (remember to update those credit cards in your iTunes/Apple account folks!!!) but that’s not seemingly the issue.
I’ll try the Tidal setting in djay and get back to everybody…but that’s a bigger deal if I can’t get the most out of my Tidal subscription in djay…

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Using High quality, instead of HiFi seems to have fixed the issue for me

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Can confirm - same here…but my test involved signing out of Tidal and then signing back in, After selecting HQ.
djay has been running an 9+hr playlist in Automix flawlessly for roughly 5hrs so far.

I’d love to have an MQA-certified device to test if choosing HiFi makes this problem moot.

Hey @TheRumbler - Thanks for your post in the Community! It’s good to see you here.

I’m sorry that you’ve been experiencing this issue. I’m glad to see that @Slak_Jaw has provided a workaround solution, though. Thanks for this!

I’ll forward this information regarding HiFi streaming with Tidal to the developers to take a closer look at the issue. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

If anything else comes up, don’t hesitate to reach out again! Have a great rest of your day :slight_smile:

I now use Tidal for my bar gigs its awesome! It does not load quickly on the public wifi. I use my tablet as a hotspot linked to my macbook and it works flawlessly. Im sure it depends on you signal and how how many devices are conneceted to the network. I use it on the highest quality settings but if you reduce this it may help in some circumstances. I highly recommended it.

Have you ever tried to disconnect your Tidal account and then connect it again? Or, you can try to update the app to the newest version. Sometimes there are temporary glitches, and you can fix them by updating or rebooting your device. If you are looking for a more stable way and want to avoid such glitches again, I would like to recommend you use a professional music converter, like Tunelf Tidal Music Converter. You can use it to get Tidal music locally and then import it to your app for mixing.

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