Tidal updated Terms of Service & Price Increase

Not to be picky

, but we are now paying for a service that was advertised as working with djay, and it’s still not working. How soon is this update expected? I wouldn’t have started paying for it yet if I knew it wasn’t ready to use with the knot dj software I use…

Seems like if it’s not soon, those of us paying for it should be issued some kind of credit by either Algoriddim or Tidal for false advertising since they said it would work with djay and it doesn’t.

The new djay update will be released very soon…


I think we can all agree it’s much better to wait few days so algoriddam nails the integration to be a really good user experience for us all. Not ideal as some have paid already for Tidal but at least we all know it’s coming very soon.


Technically, it’s just reading a new attribute of the Tidal account. It’s not rocket science :wink:

Not being funny but it’s not as if they didn’t see this coming right? They’ve had months to prepare and honestly it’s pretty sloppy they haven’t managed to align with Tidal’s update so both Tidal and DJay reflect the new updates on the day. Yeah it’s first world problems but their comms has been pretty non-existent too. Really could do better - not their finest hour that’s for sure.

At some point, Neural Mix simply stopped working for me with Tidal, even without updating Djay Pro. In this respect, I would have assumed that the other way round, i.e. reactivating this feature, would not necessarily require an update either.

Not unless there are additional features. New API with hopefully BPM showing in search for example. More DJ friendly look and feel to it.

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Strange as im literally paying the same price including thew addon in Canada but i was already paying for lossless quality. If it iss more expensive its only a few bucks. Doesnt bother me at all

Exactly. Here in uk I’m paying £19.99 for Tidal and DJ extension, which includes lossless. Next update I think although I have no inside info will be Tidal neural mix integration and I think some hardware integrations. Staff have already eluded to this. I’m happy to wait a while.

If there’s new hardware integrations then I’m all good with waiting. I own most of my music so not that concerned with the stems but it always screws me over at some point not having them cuz I use them all the time

Me too. I have a Reloop Mixon 8 and although the integration is tight, it’s not there fully for Neural Mix unless you map yourself. Plus it’s had some hardware malfunctions. Mines gone back to retailer for repair or replace. I’m negotiating where I stand in terms of replacing with another brand. I’m thinking at the moment Rane One, Denon Prime 4*. I play more and more quick mixing style and now learning to scratch. With tidal integration and a controller that’s tight for scratching and neural mix integration I’ll be very happy.
This is why I am happy to wait as something is coming around the corner. Who knows will the Rane Performer work out the box with Djay Pro. I’m excited to find out.

Somebody posted this on a Facebook group don’t know any truth to it tho

I got this same email earlier in the month. I followed their directions and everything is working for me as it should. Still no STEMS support in DJAY Pro yet, but I imagine an update from Algoriddim will fix that soon.

I’m waiting for the Rane motorized with 4 channels or two Rane 12 mk2s.
Slakjaws Mixon 8 midi maps are.top notch and with one modification easy to
use the 4stem options which is a must for me personally

Todd Cameron

With the opportunity to charge for a DJ plan like Tidal, I hope Spotify now see’s an incentive to bring back streaming to DJs.

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I wouldn’t wait for Spotify to change that at this point. Apart from the lack of integration in DJ apps, there’s not much else in Spotify’s favor anymore. With Apple and Tidal, you get better sound quality for almost the same price. Spotify has a larger user base and better integration with third-party apps, but whether you use that and whether it’s worth being a Spotify customer just for that reason is up to you to decide.

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Spotify won’t be rejoining anytime soon. They pulled out for good for sure. They were the first one to partner with dj partner (algoriddam) but times change so quickly and over the years there are equivalent offers if not better with Tidal, SoundCloud and more recently Apple.

Yeah, from what I understand, it was a similar situation to what happened with Tidal recently. One (or more) of their providers were unhappy with their catalogue being available in “professional DJ software” - this was shortly after VirtualDJ added Spotify.

At least Tidal fought to bring back what their DJ customers wanted, even though it meant introducing a new tier on accounts. I suppose it could be down to Spotify not being that bothered about losing a few customers, whereas Tidal would be more concerned.


Word. Agree with this