Tidal users need to upgrade to HiFi Plus?

Does anyone know anything about this issue with Tidal, which VDJ users encountered recently? In VDJ there’s a pop-up message now, which tells you, you have to upgrade to HiFi Plus, in order to use streaming within VDJ, but as an advantage, you’ll get the opportunity to download and play tracks offline. Haven’t heard anything like that for Djay Pro yet

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This makes sense to me that Tidal would implement this requirement: It’s the easiest solution for them, and protects their brand. Now to get algoriddim to follow the prevailing winds…

The question is, will Tidal ask for this upgrade within DJ Pro too and when?

I hope so, and soon. Next release maybe?

I’m afraid you got me wrong. I want to use Tidal with Djay Pro without the need to upgrade to Tidal HiFi Plus in the future. They could offer the offline option to everyone who’s willing to pay more but not force all of us to do so

I can’t remember the price difference anymore since I am already at Tidal’s top payment tier, but yes, for recreational users, I’m sure it becomes burdensome financially or difficult to justify.

Yes, we all want that, but things don’t always work out the way we want them to. And if the use of a feature is linked to a specific subscription, that is of course annoying. But as I said, that’s how life is sometimes.