Tidal vs spotify integratin

This is for you who have played with tidal, spotify and all other integrations.
I don’t have had time yet, because of day time job and another things going on, but going to do it later this year and need to decide if I change from spotify to tidal.

It’s sad that spotify api doesn’t have functions to get folder structure from spotify: about 450 playlist at the moment.

This means that things have had to be done different way.

I have following structure in Spotify 

  • “==” is my top level folder like 70s, 80’s, 90’s, 2000’s 
  • then genre
    – sometimes even subgenre if needed

It has been painfull to browse it in dj pro, but it can be done, at least if your playlists are correctly named (altough haven’t figure out in what order they are in the list):

Now what I’ve done is just drag & drop the playlist to create dj pro own local playlist.
Similar way I’ve created folders and organized them the way I like:

So the main question : can I use tidal playlists in the same way?

  • drop the tidal playlist to create local playlist
  • drop tidal song to dj pro local playlist

    I would love to see some kind of sync i.e this spotify songlist content is automatically synced with this dj pro local songlist, but at least it has been requested many times here already.

So far what I’ve understood about tidal is that I can’t have similar deep 3-4 folder structure like I have in Spotify.

So give your pros and cons from all integrations and different clients, workflows how you are working with them. 

Also hints and tips you use…


no real solution found for me yet… and Tidal has no folder feature even on Tidal app

Djay definitely needs another way to display and organize playlists be it spotify, tidal or internal playlists…and we need all playslist management tools : change tracks order, delete, rename, etc…
and with internal playlist you can create folders but this is not synced across devices…

Have no idea how spotify or tidal creates their “own/curated” playlists.
Saw this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ji_WfHxatoQ, but I would assume that currently both companies are using AI/data-analysis or some other way to create playlists

Also this

If you want to use both Spotify and Tidal to your DJ software, you may need a streaming music recorder. Then you can record Spotify music to plain audio formats, as well as, Tidal music. You could add Spotify music and Tidal music to your DJ software for mixing.

To mix Spotify and Tidal music in the DJ app, I used to download those online streams as local audio files via using my audio recorder mac. These local audios are available for offline playing, so that it is easy to import them to any DJ software for a further remix.

If an Artist who has freshly released an Album in the last 2 months wanted to go an alternative route other than seeking placement on a Spotify currurated playlist… I was wondering if you could help graciously explain or assist in being able to quickly understand getting music in rotation on a TIDAL curated playlist instead. TIDAL would be my preferred choice.

awwwwn thank uuuuu