Tidal will not authorize on iPad Pro

Tidal was working, but now it keeps telling me that I need to reauthorize my account. Tidal is authorizing on my iPhone and macOS/MacBook without issue. This is really frustrating because I primarily use Djay on my iPad and finally imported most of playing Spotify playlists to Tidal and subscribed to Tidal only for using with Djay.

Is anyone else having the same issue?


Hi @jrc,

Sorry to hear about this issue with TIDAL in djay on the iPad. It sounds like you already have a valid TIDAL subscription since you’re able to access it in djay on your iPhone and Mac.

Could you please try logging out of TIDAL in djay by going to Settings => Library => Log out of TIDAL, and then logging in to your TIDAL account again in djay by accessing the TIDAL library?

Your solution worked! Thank you.


Hey James! Awesome, glad to hear it’s working as expected again. Happy Mixing! :headphones:

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