Tidy up my library with Djay Pro iOS?

When I’m in library view and “music” is highlighted in “Playlists” Djay Pro shows me 11005 tracks but if I add all the tracks in my playlists I get 4555 as a result. So where do all these tracks come from? Does Djay Pro keep all tracks I ever had on my iPad in its data base and if so, how can I rebuilt it to the actual amount of tracks?

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Hey @Andreas_Haase1 - Thanks for reaching out.

Could you please provide us with screenshots so we can get a better view of what you’re talking about?

Are there actual duplicate tracks in the collection, or is it just the discrepancy just with the number of tracks?

Look forward to hearing back. :slight_smile:

The library showed grayed out tracks, which seemed to be deleted from the iPad or maybe still there, but in a different folder. I wanted to get rid of them in one go, without checking every playlist for missing tracks. I solved the problem now by deleting the whole library file in the Djay Pro folder on my iPad and rebuilding it. Think it would be nice to have the same function as in the desktop version

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Glad to hear you managed to find a workaround! Thank you for the feedback regarding macOS, as well.

Feel free to reach out should anything else come up, and have a great day!