Time coded vinyl/CDs?

Great app. Is there any chance of Djay being able to use a set of Time Coded vinyls in the not so distant future? Similar to Traktor/Serato ec.

Being able to use this along side laptop or even better, ipad would be awesome.


Hi Will,

We generally do not talk about any future plans or updates.

But I’ll change this thread into a feature request.

I’ am using the iPad app with the new reloop beatpad. This app would be my favourite if i could use it with my time code vinyls. I am en engineer, now I am working on a device that translates my time code vinyl info into Midi that emulates the Midi requests of my Beatpad on USB. Maybe that could be a working solution.

After a long time, here is my initial version of MIDI turntable control for Djay. Enjoy! :slight_smile: