Timecode Vinyl support

Is there any change to use my DVS setup?
Iam using the Native Instruments Z2 as midi and sound card…
Only thing is that the Vinyls are not working…

So what are you waiting for?


Please add some support to this thread.

I’m sorry, djay Pro doesn’t support any Timecode Vinyl, yet.

Oh thats sad :frowning: its a great app and it would be awesome if timecode will be supported…

Hi! Or there any new to this topic? Is there any way to control djay with timecoded vinyls?

Will day pro support timecode any time soon?


I’d like to know if DJay Pro supports timecoded vinyl yet.

I really like the idea of the spotify integration for a project I’m working on, but only have a NI Z2 and Reloop 8000s

schade das kein Timecode vorhanden ist

Hochzeits DJ Eli Schweiz