Timeline for SoundCloud DJ integration?

So SoundCloud just announced their new SoundCloud DJ service with unlimited offline track storage for $20/mo. This is exciting news! Currently this is only available for Virtual DJ. Is there a timeline for when this will be available in DJay?


If you’re referring to the iPad version of djay, then unless Apple change their Terms of Service, Algoriddim cannot develop it to access offline music from another app.

well, this works with Beatport Link, with the offline locker feature, so i don’t see why it would not work with Soundcloud… someone from Algoriddim will probably confirm soon :wink:

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Agreed. There is really no difference… except the subscription price

Interested to hear from Algoriddim on this one then, as Apples Terms of Services was cited as the blocker preventing the djay app from accessing Spotify’s offline content, so I thought SoundCloud’s offline content would be restricted by the same issue.

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