Timeline on Support for DDJ SX3 or 1000

I’m familiar with the SX2 with dj’n with a buddy on Serato but When will full support for SX3 or 1000 be available for DJay Pro iOS without manually mapping or certain features not working?. I would hate to buy used SX2 then Support becomes available.

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Unfortunately, these controllers are not natively supported on djay for iOS due to them not being iOS class-compliant. You can find a full list of natively supported hardware in our FAQ.

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So would the controllers need like a firmware update or basically saying
it’ll never happen

It will not happen anytime soon as the controllers are not Class Compliant, this means that they are not recognised by the standard USB drivers that make them ‘Plug and Play’, instead they need an additional driver to be able to function (talk) with the computer.
As IpadOS nor iOS have a way of installing drivers the SX3 and the DDJ1000 will not work with these systems unless Apple changes direction and allows drivers to be installed on these systems.
The list of Class Compliant controllers is in the list that @Guillermo mentions, these have the standard USB MIDI drivers ‘baked’ into them allowing the iPad or iPhone to ‘talk’ to them.
If you want to use a non-Class Compliant device with Djay then you will need a Mac AND the provider of the controller to have written and made the driver software available for Mac.
I’m not 100% sure if a manufacturer can add CC to a controller via a firmware update so I’ll leave that to someone more technical than me, but as it stands you are out of luck with either of those controllers working with an iPad in the current configuration.


Essentially consumer pressure needs to be applied to Pioneer to produce class-compliant controllers by boycotting those that aren’t.
They do have an interest in people using ios devices (whether it be for DJay or Rekordbox) and this should be encouraged.

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