Tips for Djing?

I was wondering, what are some tips for djing? I am a beginner dj who wants to learn more techniques and tips for the dj controllers. I recently bought the Hercules Bluetooth controller for the Djay app. Does anyone have any tips for timing, scratching, or etc? I would appreciate the advise. Thanks in advance!

Hi @DjStar, welcome to the community! We have some built-in Tutorials in the djay app Settings:

@DjStar there is also lots of free content on YouTube. Personally, if you’re serious about DJing, I recommend you check out a more structure online DJ course. This will greatly streamline the learning process and get you proficient much faster than a bunch of random free YouTube videos.

I can personally recommend the courses from Digital DJ Tips. I’ve taken several of their courses over the last 10+ years and they are all excellent: Courses - Digital DJ Tips

You could also check out the courses from Crossfader. I haven’t taken any of these myself, but I’ve watched a bunch of their free content and tutorials.

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another good free starting point

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