Tips for Editing djay XML files

Does anyone have any experience editing the djay XML file? If so I could really use some tips and recommendations before I attempt the following.

I have a heavily customized MIDI mapping for my Denon Prime 4. With the 4.0 release of djay they added the ability to change the cue point colors and read the assignments from the controller. For this to work properly you need to use the new built-in midi mapping from djay. This means I would have to remake my custom mapping from scratch to get the cue point pad colors on the screen to match my controller. I would prefer not to do this. I’ve been informed by Algoriddim that I can modify the XML file to fix this (see below):

"Here’s some hints to get cue point colors working with your existing mapping files if you want to fiddle with them (this is not officially supported and only recommended if you’re comfortable editing XML files):

  • Remove the min/max values from the output dict of the cue point actions
  • Copy the “userInfo” section from the new mapping (that contains the dynamic min/max values for the colors)
    While you’re at it you might also want to check the min/max values of the meter mappings in the XML to ensure they match the official mapping, since we recently tweaked them for all controllers to get exactly matching dB readings."

Thanks for your help!

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Glad it wasn’t just me that didn’t have a clue!! :rofl::rofl:

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Same here although l was able to do a 50% workaround,
What does this mean you ask?
Well in my set up (Rane One with IPad)
It was just Cue 2 that was a different colour…
Cue 2 was always Green on my Rane One but after the update it became Orange…

I was able to change the colour back to Green on my Rane One but on the app it’s still Orange.

Hence why l described it as a 50% workaround…

In order to get the Green back on the app,
I have to manually change every cue point colour in every track, but l am only doing this slowly when l have spare time or whenever l play that track…

For those of you that would like to know how to change the colour on your controller you have to;

Go to Settings
Go to Midi Devices
Select your device map
Press Cue 2
Scroll down on the screen and select “Advanced Midi Out Configuration “
Change the Value in Max Value from 52 to 12.
As you move the value, you will see the pad colour on your Controller change all different colours…12 is Green.
Select Save and it’s done…

Note that you will have to do this with the Cue button on each deck. ie Deck 1 & Deck 2 (Deck 3 & Deck 4 if you have a four channel controller)

If any other Cue pad is a different colour, you can repeat the process using that Pad.
Cue 8 was a slightly different shade of Purple so l corrected that…

This works on the Rane One,
I can’t confirm that it works on other controllers,

Let me know if this is of any help…

Yeah that was the first thing I tried. Unfortunately, with the Prime 4, changing the cue point colors in the midi mapping doesn’t work. Well not permanently at least. The pad colors revert back to some kind of default as soon as you load another track. So the Prime 4 seems to be ignoring the color assignments in the midi mapping file.

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So I was able to successfully modify the XML file for my custom midi mapping to get the cue point pad colors on the Prime 4 to match the software. This was definitely less work than remaking my mapping from scratch and I had zero XML editing experience prior to this. CAUTION: I don’t recommend doing this unless you are comfortable editing XML files. I’m certainly no expert at this so follow these suggestions at your own risk and BACKUP your midi mappings first.

  • I started by making an edit of the built-in Prime 4 mapping so that I could see the midi mapping file in the iOS Files app.
  • Next I made a backup of my custom mapping and saved it in another folder just to be safe.
  • Then I opened the built-in mapping file and my custom mapping file side-by-side using a text editor on my laptop.
  • First you need to remove the min/max values from the output dict of cue point actions. There are a bunch of these. Basically I searched both mappings for “cue” and looked at all the sections related to cue points. There are pretty easy to understand descriptions for these. With the mappings side-by-side, I carefully modified all the cue point output sections of my custom mapping to exactly match the built-in one.
  • Then you need to copy the “userinfo” section of the built-in mapping over the custom mapping. This is located near the bottom of the file. Again I made sure to match these exactly. This “userinfo” section contains the dynamic min/max values for the cue point colors.

Anyway, hopefully that’s helpful. If you make a mistake and mess it up, you can always just revert back to your backup midi-mapping. Good luck!

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Good Work, at least now we have a solution for Prime 4 and Rane One…

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