Toggle between Auto-loop and Manual loop with MIDI controller.

I recently purchased a Numark Mixtrack USB DJ controller. I would love if I could map the MIDI control of the “Manual/Auto” lit button to switch between the two modes. Currently, while un-selected, it acts as manual looping, with the in/out/reloop buttons working great. However when I push the “Manual/Auto” button, it instantly loops the song for 2 beats, and the in/out buttons only halve that loop.
I would like it if when the “manual/auto” button is set to auto, it doesn’t start any looping, it simply changes the function of the “in/out/reloop” keys to “1 note/2 notes/4 note” loops, which activate/deactivate upon pushing each respective key.
Is there a way to configure the MIDI settings to do this?

Hi Pierce,

Are you referring to bounce loops when you say “1 note/2 notes/4 note loops”?

Generally speaking, you can change the mapping for your controller with djay for Mac. Simply open “Configure…” from the “MIDI” menu to re-map your controller.
This doesn’t work with djay for iPad though.