Toggle Shift Key...Would be niiiiiice

I guess it’s all in the title.

But having a SHIFT key you don’t have to hold down would be HUGE …ly awesome.

(i kind of ramble here, but the above is really the gist).
This would free up the possibility to do a lot more simultaneous actions. Toggle basically let’s you use one hand to do something, rather than 2.

You can basically make a toggle switch from any button on Traktor using modifiers, but good god, better be prepared to get a Degree in Traktor controller manager.

But for example, a on my SB2, to change the FX-dry wet knobs (or FX parameters) you gotta hold the a shift key down, same with the rotary library browser knob (of course depending on what you’re trying to scroll through).

Not huge deal, but would be SO cool to just hit the shift key and then mess with a particular parameter, hit it a again mess with other parameters using the same knob/button/etc.

I know some actions, like some jog settings can be set to toggle, but SHIFT keys would be rad.

I mostly use 2 decks so I’m thinking for now I’ll just use decks 3, 4 as my “toggle” and have “deck 3” jog wheel be an FX dry/wet, or library browser.

anyway, sorry TL;DR