Tonearm too long

I know it’s just a question of presentation and isn’t really important for use, but right from the start it’s always bothered me that the turntable’s tonearm is too long. Is it possible to change this at some point?

Oh boy, :joy: You are the only one in the whole universe who has problem with the length of the turntable tonearm ever!

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Well, problem … it just doesn’t look good, and I noticed that immediately when I tried Djay for the first time a few years ago. To be honest, I’m also surprised that users never mentioned it and that the developers don’t seem to be bothered by it. Of course, this is irrelevant for use. But it wouldn’t take much effort to change it.

Well, now that you’ve pointed it out, I can’t unsee it. Thank you

Hi @Chris_R,

Thanks for posting your suggestion in the community!

I’ve gone ahead and passed this request along to our engineering team for further consideration as a feature request.

If we hear any updates regarding this inquiry, I will update the topic. Have a fantastic day!