Toneplay Hercules 300

I am unable to Re-map ”toneplay” for my Hercules 300. It does not notice me pushing the pads when I am in config mode.

Any suggestions?

Hi @hacl, is it only the pads that are not responding in the MIDI Learn tool? Or are none of the hardware controls responding?


Everything else on the Controller is noticed by the config, but not ”toneplay”.

So shift-hot cue lands me in ”toneplay” and then the performance pads are not recognized when I push them, however they do a good job with the toneplay. So toneplay works fine, but I cant remap it.

Thanks for clarifying @hacl. In cases like this, that means those controls are locked down by the hardware and not accessible in the MIDI Learn tool. This is typically done when more complex mapping features are required via code that is not available in the MIDI Learn tool.