too much power message

connecting the wecai cable on my iPad i get the message too much power. I have installed the updated firmware on my ergo dd. but i still have the same problem.

What are you using as power source for the controller?

I dont know if you sorted your problem out, but here is a solution I just provided to someone else and solved the same problem for me too in the distant past.


you either need to update the firmware on the ergo (which is telling the ipad it needs too much power than the ipad can provide, EVEN though it is not taking any power from the Ipad, OR you need to use a small cheap non powered usb hub.

I have the same problem when using flash drives. Some of them work when plugged into the cck and some tell the ipad they require more power when in fact they dont need it, but plugging them into my usb hub solves that Problem too.

So to sum up for you. when you plug a usb device into the ipad via the camera connection kit it, as part of its initial setup communication, it tells the ipad the maximum power it may require. The later version of Ipad have set a lower maxium limit a usb device can ask for so it doesnt drain the ipad battery too fast. If the usb device asks for too much the ipad says its not compatible and shuts the port down!!!.
The earlier Pioneer products “firmware” all asked for too much power from the ipad so it shut the port down. Even when you use the WeCai-cable so the pioneer device isnt using any power from the ipad, it still told the ipad how much it was going to use so the ipad shut it down. Pioneer modified their firmware to lie to the ipad to say it needed much less power than it really did and so the ipad connects to it, LOL

hope that helps

An original apple charger for my iPad