Too slow work...

Hey guys! Why no any new updates for iOS app? DJ Player already done it twice while you did nothing… R u really sure that everything is OK with your app now? My iDJ Pro became to be a toy instead being professional kit. So many possibilities and so slow work.
Tempo detection, filter correction (to much resonance), too narrow column for track’s tittle - it’s only few necessary workflows (i even didn’t said about usability upgrade at all). Wake Up! PEACE

but i told only facts… They have to be solved a little bit faster imho, because regularity could be (or has to be) changed in this case
To be honest dj player looks much more professional this time, but all possibilities are in ur hands. By the way find one more BIG cons - too strange interaction between controller’s jog and real pitch changing.
I just want you to make this app professional like iDj Pro.
these days app don’t conform this device

OMG 3rd upgrade from DJ Player and no one from DJay
Guys, 3-0
this kinda work i name “regular”!

which year will be next update?
Hope my descendants will see it…

We don’t consider the number of updates to be an interesting metric. Our focus is on providing regular updates with meaningful improvements while keeping our apps easy to use and having rock-solid performance.

If you have any specific features or improvements you would like to see in djay, please post them as separate topics for review and comments, or add your “+1” to any existing ideas in the forum.


Hi Stan,

We are always working on new exciting features and improvements for our apps. If you look into the app page in the App Store, you’ll see that we do release updates regularly.