Touch Cue - Similar to CDJ-3000

Please implement a feature similar to Touch Cue on the CDJ-3000.

  1. This allows you to preview different parts of the currently playing track without interrupting playback through the main output.
  2. On the CDJ-3000 you simply touch and hold the waveform of the track you want to preview. The audio starts playing in the headphones, and you can scrub through the waveform to listen ahead to different parts of the track.
  3. This is really handy when playing unfamiliar tracks and for example you want to check the phrasing before you mix it in the next track.


Never seen this in action, but have wished it was doable many times, especially if I want to skip out a section of the track and haven’t already cue marked the skip point…
Can see this as a really helpful option.

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